Mend with Colour and Joy!

My name is Becs and I'm the creator of Ministry of Mending. I set up Ministry of Mending (MoM) because when I needed help to mend a thread bare crotch on my perfect pair of jeans that I just couldn't bear to part with, I couldn't find the simple, clear advice I needed. I searched online but nothing seemed to exist for real beginners. Nor, could I find a dedicated shop selling hand picked mending supplies.


I've always had a passion for helping others and learning new crafts. So, when I had a little spare time I decided to share what I had learnt about mending with others by creating this website and shop. 


Along my mending journey I've learnt a lot! I follow my intuition when it comes to mending. I think about the garment, the type of 'problem' and my own style when deciding how to mend my clothes. Still, my ethos is 'just give it a go'. Nothing is ever perfect! As long as you can wear the garment again you've done a great job. 


I love to search in charity shops, fairs and car boot sales for vintage and retro items. I have a large collection of 60s and 70s fabrics, haberdashery, tins and pottery. I use vintage needles, thread and fabrics in my mending and so decided to also stock a selection in my shop for you!


Alongside mending I enjoy growing my own fruit and veg in my mini allotment. I live in Cornwall with my husband Dan and my cat called Bonnie. They are both one of a kind and I feel so lucky to have them both in my life.


Cornwall is such a beautiful place to live so I also spend a lot of my time at the beach either wild swimming or beachcombing for treasures. I find it an amazing therapy for the madness of the world. When I'm not doing all of that and working on MoM then you'll find me hard at work in a local fabric shop helping customers to choose fabrics!! ​


I really hope you find this website useful! If there is anything you love to use in your mending and you can't see it on the website, then please get in touch.


When deciding to stock an item I try my best to fulfill the following criteria: ​

- British or E.U made (as local as possible!)

- minimal packaging and/or recyclable

- quality products 'made to last'

- beautiful tools that give you joy ​


Happy mending! Becs x x