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Houndstooth Wrist Pin Cushion with Metal Bracelet

Houndstooth Wrist Pin Cushion with Metal Bracelet


Bohin's iconic golden pin holder bracelet is a historic accessory in the world of couture.


It is known as the 'Bracelet Pelote' and has been produced by BOHIN in their historic factory in Normandy, France for decades.


This French chic style pin cushion features a stunning, dome-shaped houndstooth cushion, gold metallic bracelet and the laser-engraved logo on the bracelet adds an elegant and refined touch.


Unique and ergonomic in size, this bracelet will easily attach to your wrist to keep your pins and needles within easy reach as you work.


The cushion is made using jersey material and the bracelet has a gold plated finish.



Height of cushion: 4.5cm (approx)

Overall height: 11cm (approx)

Width of cushion: 6.5cm (approx)


*The pin cushion is supplied on it's own for you to add your own sewing pins.

  • Brand Story - Bohin

    BOHIN have been manufacturing high quality needles at their factory in Normandy, France since 1860.  They now remain the only French manufacturer of needles and other sewing tools. The company currently employs 36 people who manufacture and distribute nearly 2,300 products including their world famous sewing needles, craft needles, pins with Murano glass heads, and bracelet pin cushions. They are committed to reducing their waste and environmental impact.