Wear, Repair, Repurpose: A Maker's Guide to Mending and Upcycling Clothes by Lily Fulop

Best for: beginners!

Modern Mending: The Craft of Clothes, by Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald

Best for: a fabulous guide to different mending techniques for beginners and intermediates.

Darning: Repair Make Mend, by Hikaru Noguchi

Best for: an easy to read guide to different darning techniques and applications.

Joyful Mending: Visible Repairs for the Perfect Imperfect Things we Love, by Noriko Misumi

Best for: a brief overview and inspiration for a variety of mending techniques including needle felting, patchwork, darning and crochet. 

Mending Matters: Stitch, Patch and Repair Your Favourite Denim and More, by Katrina Rodabaugh

Best for: learning how to repair your jeans including using Boro/Sashiko.

MEND! by Kate Sekules

Best for: an comprehensive introduction to the topic of textile repair and mending community.

Mend and Patch: A Handbook to Repairing Clothes and Textiles, by Kerstin Neumuller

Best for: inspiration for intermediate-advanced menders. 

Visible Creative Mending by Flora Collingwood-Norris

Best for: learning how to Swiss darn and handle cuff repairs. A beautiful book full of colourful mendspiration!

Visible Mending: Artful Stitchery to Repair and Refresh Your Favourite Things, by Jenny Wilding Cardon

Best for: those wanting to be more creative when mending.

The Mending Directory by Erin Eggenburg

Best for: a wide selection of weaving patterns with how-to instructions and diagrams.

Needle Weaving Techniques by Hazel Blomkamp

Best for: more weaving pattern inspiration.

Mending Life: A Handbook for Repairing Clothes and Hearts!, by Nina Montenegro

Best for: learning about the environmental and human impact of fast fashion...why it matters to mend!

Mend It: A Complete Guide to Clothes Repair, by Maureen Goldsworthy

Best for: those wanting to expand their mending skills to a more advanced level. This was published back in 1979 and hasn't been reprinted so it can be difficult to obtain a copy!

Visible Mending: Repair, Renew, Reuse The Clothes You Love by Arounna Khounnoraj

Best for: another helpful guide to a variety of mending techniques as well as useful upcycling and zero waste project ideas.

Embroidery on Knitting by Britt-Marie Christoffersson

Best for: knitwear repair inspiration.


How to Embroider Almost Everything A Sourcebook of over 500+ Modern Motifs and Easy Stitch Tutorials, by Wendi Gratz

Best for: small and easy embroidery designs to use in mending.