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21-Hook Replica Darning Loom

21-Hook Replica Darning Loom


A beautiful, quality 21-hook darning loom based on the original 10-hook 'Speedweve' design.


Use this larger darning loom to mend bigger holes and threadbare areas. It also gives you more flexibility to play with colours and patterns to create more intricate and eye-catching designs.


You can use as little or as many hooks as you want to create small, medium and extra large repairs up to 7.5cm long x 6.7cm wide.


The hook spacing is the same as the 14-hook loom allowing you to create closely woven darns on cotton, linen, denim or fine knitwear fabrics. For more information then check out this blog post!


The original 'Speedweve' darning machine was invented over 80 years ago, to help make weaving over and under threads quicker and easier.


The loom holds the warp (vertical) threads in place over the hole in the fabric and with a simple 'swish' of the hooks, alternate warp threads are raised higher. As you slide your needle below the hook ends you can magically weave over one thread and then under the next, in a second!


You will receive:

  • 1 x 21-Hook darning loom with a beech wood disk.
  • 1 x medium stainless steel spring<