Ballpoint/Fine Tapestry (Sizes:24-28)

Ballpoints have a rounded/blunt point so that the needle does not damage fibres when passing through stretchy fabrics which can snag easily e.g. t-shirts, leggings and sweatshirts.

*For stretch jeans use Sashiko or cotton darning needle.


Crewel/Embroidery (Sizes:1-12)

Crewel (Embroidery) needles are the same as a sharps needle but have a bigger eye so you can mend with thicker thread.


Short Cotton Darners (Sizes 1,3,5,7,9)

Cotton darning needles have an elongated eye for thicker thread and a semi blunt point to avoid snags when weaving through the fabric . Suitable when mending smaller areas.


Long Cotton Darners (Sizes 1-9, 15 (4/0) & 17 (2/0)

The extra length of the long darners make it quicker and easier to sew a straight line of stitches over larger areas.



These needles are similar to sharps needles but are thicker so less likely to bend when loading lots of stitches on the needle before pulling the thread through. They also have a large eye as sashiko thread is fairly thick.


Sharps (Sizes: 1-12)

Sharps is the name for general-purpose hand sewing needles. Suitable for mending small areas and for fine stitching e.g. hemming or sewing on a button.


Wool /Yarn Darners (Sizes:14-18 or 2/0-5/0)

Similar to cotton darners but these needles are much thicker and have a larger eye so they are suitable for mending with yarn/wool.