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Vintage Tapestry Needles

Vintage Tapestry Needles


A mini assortment of vintage Milwards tapestry needles with a gold eye -  ideal for mending stretchy clothing or fine knitwear.


Made in the U.K. probably in the 1950s/60s by Milwards. 

These needles appear to be unused, however please bear in mind there may be very slight damage or fading to the packet due to their age.


Tapestry needles have an elongated eye for repairing with thicker thread and a blunt point to avoid snags when weaving through knitted fabrics.


Suitable for:

  • darning, patching or embroidery. 
  • mending light-medium weight stretchy, knitted fabrics  e.g t-shirt, cashmere cardigan, leggings, sweatshirt, workout clothing, jersey dress (anything with Lycra/elastane stated on the clothes label).
  • sewing with up to 6 strands of embroidery floss or fine yarn (dependent on needle size).


Pack of 4:

  • minimum needle length: 3.5cm
  • maximum length: 4.5cm


Please visit our needle guide if you need a little more information about different types of needles - click here!

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