Here at the Ministry of Mending we would like to lend a helping hand when you face the bewildering options for fixing that annoying moth hole in your favourite jumper, thread bare crotch in your 'oh so' perfect jeans, or coffee stain on your irreplaceable band t-shirt.

So, when you think twice about wearing something because it needs a little love, then we are here with simple advice, inspiration and the tools & materials to give you the confidence to 'Make Do and Mend It'. 

Who knows, you might make it even more beautiful than it started out and it’ll give you a little more joy the next time you wear it!

Happy Mending!


LRM_20210325_210403 (4).jpg

"Early Christmas present to myself! Thank you Becs for keeping me updated about stock and sending so quickly! If you have never seen one of these Speedwevers in action you have to search it....they are amazing little looms that darn or mend or even just add decoration to a jumper or jeans....well any clothing actually. So instead of throwing that cashmere cardi away that you got a cigarette burn in on a night of regret (and/or) desperation....mend it"

 Michelle - 19th December 2020


"It's really important for me to buy as sustainably as possible, but this package has blown me away; inspiring that sustainability doesn't mean you have to compromise quality and aesthetics.

I received this beautifully packaged parcel from Ministry of Mending. It felt like opening a birthday present! Completely sustainable as bought a couple more vintage Speedweves for my workshops which were wrapped in pretty tissue, washi tape and the cardboard box was even sealed with paper tape.

I also found a free gift that I wasn't expecting; such a lovely surprise!"

Helen - 5th September 2020


So so perfect I just bought myself one as a birthday present to myself. Whoop whoop amazing post from Ministry of Mending and a birthday present too as I mentioned this was a present to myself. Soooo delighted!

Jennie - 15th January 2021


"Becs thank you so much for the Mending Macaron kit! The yarns are beautiful and the macaron is the easiest thing I've used; I'm really pleased with it"

Angela -13th March 2021

IMG_2208 (4)-01.jpeg

"The postman just arrived! The most beautiful parcel to open. I'm so happy and thank you so much for the instructions, going into a frame :) The needles are divine and the Speedweve...I just can't! Christmas has definitely come early. Thank you!!"

Lydia -17th December 2020