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British Stainless Steel Spring - 3 Sizes

British Stainless Steel Spring - 3 Sizes

PriceFrom £4.00

Ahhhh, at long-last!!! Here's a vintage style spring to fit your Speedweve loom, replica darning loom* or vintage darning mushroom.


Forget about those thin elastic bands and hair bobbles which are tricky to dispose of once they bite the dust and try one of these metal springs instead!


You may have spotted these special springs on vintage darning mushrooms and wondered "where can I get one of those?", well the answer is me I've looked everywhere!! So, I approached a local company and got some made.


Use it in place of an elastic band to either secure your loom and wooden disc in place, or simply hold fabrics in place on your mushroom whilst you are working. And, if ever you need to dispose of it then it can be simply recycled as it is made from 100% stainless steel.


Please choose from the following sizes: 

  • Small - internal diameter 60mm 

Suitable for any vintage Speedweve model, our replica 10 & 14-Hook looms and Mini Mending Macaron.


  • Medium - internal diameter 75mm 

Suitable for any vintage Speedweve model (looser fit), our replica 10 & 14-Hook looms (looser fit), our 21-Hook loom disk and Mega Mending Macaron.


  • Large - internal diameter 90mm

Suitable for our replica 21-Hook looms and 10/14-Hook darning board. 


Tip: Looking to buy one of these springs for a darning mushroom? I would strongly advise you to measure the diameter of the top first! For the best fit, choose a spring with an internal diameter that's at least 2cm smaller than your mushroom top.


* Please be aware this spring may not fit other replica darning looms sold elsewhere. They have been carefully designed and custom-made to fit the looms we sell in our shop and as such we can not guarantee they will work well with all loom models.

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