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Needle Set for Beginners

Needle Set for Beginners

PriceFrom £6.00

A hand-picked selection of high-quality needles perfect for any beginner mender!


This set of 5 needles includes:

1 x Long Fine Darning Needle (size no.1)

1 x Strong Darning Needle (size 2/0)

1 x Tapestry Needle (size no.18)

1 x Chenille Needle (size no.20)

1 x Ballpoint Needle (size - 76mm) all important needle threader to make threading your needle easy peasy lemon squeezy!


The two darning needles can be used for patching, classic darning, embroidery or seam repairs to most woven fabrics; from light silk & linen clothing to denim.


Chenille needles are perfect for stitching woven fabrics with thicker thread and also come in handy when sewing in loose thread tails at the end of your mend.


Tapestry needles can be useful for repairs to looser woven fabrics as well as knit fabrics too!


And finally, ballpoint needles help you darn knitted fabrics with minimal effort. The rounded point helps you easily locate the spaces between individual knit stitches.


All these high-quality needles are made in Normandy, France in the historic BOHIN factory (with the exception of the ballpoint needle).


Bohin needles have an exceptional polish for smooth glide through fabric and a fine point to minimize holes. The eye is polished with a unique process to minimize breaking thread and the needles have maximum strength with minimum bending.


Optional Extra: If you'd like these needles to be sent to you packaged in a beautiful glass tube with authentic cork stopper, simply add a glass test tube to your basket using the drop down menu provided. It is great way to safely store them all together and protect them from getting lost or damaged.

  • Brand Story - Bohin

    BOHIN have been manufacturing high quality needles at their factory in Normandy, France since 1860.  They now remain the only French manufacturer of needles and other sewing tools. The company currently employs 36 people who manufacture and distribute nearly 2,300 products including their world famous sewing needles, craft needles, pins with Murano glass heads, and bracelet pin cushions. They are committed to reducing their waste and environmental impact. 

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